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About Me

Coast of Maine, TPT Retirement, lighthouse
This is just one of the many views we have been blessed with as we sailed this summer.

Hello, My name is Mary Harrington. I have been teaching preschool and providing childcare to the children of my little town in Maine since 1990. I began my TPT store in 2015 and absolutely love creating resources that are used in classrooms around the world.

As with many teachers, I became a bit of a workaholic. It’s not totally our fault! The “to-do” list just never seems to be done. I’m hoping the materials I create will help to make other teacher’s lists a bit shorter. I want you to have more time for the fun stuff, for adventures, for your family! Unfortunately, I put the fun behind the work stuff for most of my life. I was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and this was my wake up call to take time to smell the roses! Well, in my case, the ocean!

I have always loved and found serenity in any type of water. Whether it was the small brook that ran by my house as a child, the pond near our house, or the Coast of Maine. It is my happy place! I am so blessed to explore the coast from our older 30ft Catalina sailboat with my oldest son and his wife. There is absolutely nothing like waking up on the water! My dream is to purchase a bit larger sailboat and spend a year exploring the East Coast down to Florida and Bahamas with my family. I am so blessed that my TPT store provides the ability to work from anywhere. It makes this huge dream feel almost attainable.

Welcome! I'm Mary, I've been helping kids learn, play and grow for over 25 years. I love creating fun and engaging resources for your classroom and mine.


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